Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about 5010 and ICD-10 and Healthcare Reform?

A: Taylor and Taylor Medical Billing has completed 5010 testing and is approved for Production. Additionally the software is already fitted for the ICD-10 changes once these become standard. In the interest of our own survival it is imperative for us to stay abreast the reform efforts as you can see from our Tweets.

Q: What are the rates for your services?

A: We recognize that each physician's office is unique and our services are customized to fit your needs. Our pricing is established based on number of factors such as the field of medicine, patient volume, front office proficiency and so forth. We answer all quote requests within 24 hours.

Q: Sending my billing out of my office makes me a little uncomfortable what can you do to ease my mind about this?

A: Changes make most of us feel uneasy at first. However if you focus on the benefits of having a professional billing service these feelings will diminish.

  • You have full access to your account 24 hours a day.
  • Reduce cost of employee benefits and raises.
  • No more employee turnover or training periods.
  • Eliminate software investments and tech-support.
  • Billing services collect more on an average than in-house billers due to less distractions and multi-tasking.

Q: Where will my payments go?

A: Your pay-to addresses remain the same. All reimbursements come directly to you.

Q: How will I get my information to you?

A: In the current economic environment the most efficient way is to download claims data directly from your EMR program. Additional documents and eob’s are effectively transferred via e-mail. We will work with your preferred method to ensure fast and dependable transfer of data.

Q: We are not in same state; can you still do our billing?

A: Certainly! Our industry has moved toward modernization which means more standardized formats and procedures for processing claims from anyplace throughout the U.S. At present Taylor & Taylor Medical Billing provides services for Physicians in various states.

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