No more dealing with overtime, sick or maternity leave, with the biller filling in for the front while our billing suffered. One of my colleagues recommended Taylor & Taylor and my practice has truly benefited from their service.
Dr. Daniel Lopez, Bermuda Dunes, CA

Taylor & Taylor ….professionals….courteous …helpful with my staff…..they helped turn our practice around. Thumbs up for them!
Dr. Kevin Doyle, Prescott, AZ

They have experience, they are diligent toward collecting what we work for and when you compare the services they provide for the price, they are great! I send them clients at every opportunity!
Dr. Rudolpho Alegria, Indio, CA

Taylor & Taylor is responsive to our needs as a practice, they keep us ahead of the curve on the many industry changes. Reliable, they go the extra mile to collect what we have earned. For twelve (12) years now we have been very happy with their service.
Dr. Bruce Chisholm, Rancho Mirage, CA

They handle my credentialing applications, take all billing related calls, keep me updated of coding changes and they do a fantastic job at billing. There’re the best!
Dr. Asher Qarni , La Quinta, CA

I am a therapist assisting clients with helpful solutions to some complicated problems they face, but when it comes to my billing I have trusted Taylor & Taylor for years now and I have never had to lay on my couch worrying about my cash flow.
Christie Munsor-Baker MFT, Palm Springs, CA

Do you need a good professional billing service? My recommendation is Taylor & Taylor Medical Billing. For us they have proven to be completely competent, hard working company. Here is their number 866-572-2160.
Dr. Mustaqeem Qazi , Indio, CA

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